Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Will Knuckleballer "Wright" The Ship For The Back-End Of Red Sox Rotation?

(Getty Images)
Tonight, knuckleballer Steven Wright will get his first start of the 2018 season. Part of the reason for this opportunity is that Wright has pitched superbly in relief since being activated (2.25 ERA in 16 innings of work). The other reason, of course, is that Drew Pomeranz is completely lost in his attempt to regain the dominance he had during most of last season. While this is only a "spot start" that (ostensibly) gives the rest of the rotation (with the Monday off-day) some extra rest, it's also an audition for a permanent stay in the rotation. If Wright kicks butt tonight, Alex Cora has a legitimate reason to slot him in five days down the road. This could be a big night for both Wright and the composition of the pitching staff going forward.