Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Is Sox Owner Tom Werner Seeking Re-Boot of "Roseanne" Without The Star?

Werner; Barr
According to an article in Variety, Red Sox owner Tom Werner may be involved in negotiations to launch a "spinoff" series of the recently cancelled 'Roseanne' show—one that would not include the controversial star. In addition to his duties on Yawkey Way (oops, so sorry, Jersey Street), Werner was an Executive Producer on the show—which got huge ratings (#1 in the 18-49 demo) until Roseanne Barr made her now infamous Tweet about Valerie Jarrett. In addition to 'Roseanne', Werner has a long list of successful TV shows, including: 'That '70s Show', '3rd Rock From the Sun' and 'The Cosby Show'. Then again, he also gave us 'Are You There, Chelsea?'. According to the article, the network (ABC) and producers are trying to figure out how to re-boot the series around the other characters—without resulting in a financial gain for Barr (who, after all, created the show originally). Stay tuned.