Monday, January 22, 2018

Sox Look To 'Dramatic' Expansion Of Protective Netting

Red Sox President and CEO Sam Kennedy announced over the weekend that the team would engage in a "dramatic" expansion of fan-protective netting at Fenway Park. Beginning this coming season, the netting at Fenway will extend beyond both dugouts. This new extension exceeds the requirements laid down my Major League Baseball (netting from behind home plate up to each dugout). During the 2015 season, a female fan suffered a traumatic brain injury at Fenway Park—when she was struck by a flying shard of a broken bat.

Former Sox P Koji Uehara Seeking One Final Season

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Koji Uehara, who baffled hitters on his way to a 2013 World Series ring with the Red Sox, is looking for one more year in the major leagues. The soon-to-be-43-year-old reliever says he will not accept a minor-league deal, and if he doesn't catch on in the bigs, he'll retire. Either way, 2018 would be his final year as a professional baseball player. Said Uehara, "I want to play this year, for one more year. If I get a contract, I'm more than 90 percent certain that this will be the end. I'll retire if I'm only offered a minor league deal." If healthy, Uehara could probably help a number of teams at the back end of their bullpens. We wish Koji the Best!

POLL: Majority Still Not Troubled By Henry Departure

Final results to our latest FenwayNation Poll show that a majority of readers (53%) would either be "somewhat happy" (31%) or "giddy" (22%) if Red Sox principal owner John Henry sold the team. As the chart shows, a little over one-third (35%) would be "mildly upset" if Henry fled town, while just 13% would be "devastated".

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Red Sox Ownership Tries To Soothe Its Angry Masses

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He brought you The Cosby ShowRoseanne and Third Rock From The Sun—now Tom Werner has a bridge he wants you to buy. The co-owner of the Red Sox stated the following at the Foxwoods 'Pep Rally' yesterday: "We are in active negotiations with J.D. Martinez. People know about that. It takes two to make a deal. I can only speak for the Red Sox. We most definitely will have the highest payroll that we've ever had. Other teams have to make their own decisions. But we expect to be competitive and we expect to improve from our team last year." That, and $5.50 will buy you a small cup of hot chocolate in April from 'Dunks at Fenway. The truth is, Boston has yet to fill its huge offensive hole in the middle of the lineup. Spring Training starts in less than a month. End of story.

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Other Lingering Red Sox Outrage Of This Off-Season

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It's bad enough that the Red Sox have yet to solve their middle-of-the-order 'phantom bat' problem—with only about a month to go until Spring Training. But another piece of unfinished business is the fact that their best player—Mookie Betts—remains un-signed after the two sides failed to reach an arbitration agreement. How good was Betts last year? Well, he led The Carmine Hose in: hits (166); extra-base hits (72); HRs (24); RBIs (102); walks (77); stolen bases (26); slugging (.459) and OPS (.803). So, why exactly isn't he already signed? If nothing else, the sense of priorities in this Red Sox organization is way out of whack.

Ex-Red Sox Kapler Predicts “S—load” Of Phillies Wins

Former Red Sox player Gabe Kapler—now the manager of the Philadelphia Phillies—was sounding very "presidential" at a recent news conference. He predicted that the lowly Fightins' would amass a 's—load' of victories in the 2018 season. For six straight years, the Phillies have lost at least 80 games, so the prediction is a bold one. Those who remember Kapler's infectious optimism and honesty while he was a member of The Carmine Hose can fully understand his comments. We wish Gabe the best of luck in The City Of Brotherly Love. With those fans, he'll need it!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

POLL: Majority Still Wouldn't Shed Tear Over Henry Sale

Continued voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that a growing majority of readers would not be upset if John Henry sold the Red Sox in the next few years—in fact, they'd like it. As the chart shows, a combined 56% now say they'd either be "somewhat happy" (35%) or "giddy" (21%) if the billionaire unloaded The Carmine Hose. On the flip side, a combined 44% now say they'd either be "devastated" (13%) or "mildly upset" (31%) if Henry cashed-in on the Sox. You can still vote in the poll HERE.

NESN Steps-Up Spring Training Coverage To 20 Games

As our readers know, we have been critical of New England Sports Network (NESN) for a long time. But, when they do something exceptional, we feel the need to throw them some praise as well. The Red Sox-owned network announced today that they will televise a total of 20 Spring Training games in 2018—the most since 1997. They will do this, in part, by hooking up with Boston 25 WFXT for six games that NESN will then broadcast to the rest of New England outside of the Boston market. This is a very positive development. Kudos, NESN!

Muddy Chicken Is Cleared To Begin Running Program

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In what could be a major watershed moment, Dustin Pedroia was cleared today to begin a running program to rehab his surgically-repaired knee. The fact that the hurdle was cleared a full month before the start of Spring Training bodes well for The Laser Show missing minimal time in the 2018 season. Of course, the crack Red Sox 'medical team' will still be involved—so missing the entire season is still in play. Last week, Pedroia had stated that—if he got today's positive news—he expected to be ready to play on Opening Day (March 29th). This is still highly unlikely, but a return much sooner than the previously-thought mid-season point is now almost certain.

'La Flow Benintendi' Appears Gone For The 2018 Season

Women across Red Sox Nation are in a quandary this afternoon after The Boston Globe's Peter Abraham posted a picture of Andrew Benintendi on his Twitter feed. So what, you say? Well, the pic in question shows a severely-shorn Benny—with none of the signature "flow" in view. It looks like he's going for either: the James Dean look from Rebel Without A Cause OR the Marlon Brando look in On The Waterfront. Neither of these looks works. Anyway, get ready for all kinds of commentary on Benintendi's new "moss" (as Dennis Eckersley—another hirsute Red Sox player—might put it).

POLL: Majority OK With John Henry Selling Red Sox

Very early voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that a majority of readers (53%) would not be all that broken-up over John Henry selling the Red Sox in a few years. As the chart shows, fully one-third (33%) say they'd be "somewhat happy" if the billionaire bailed on the team—while another 20% actually say they'd be "giddy" about his departure. A similar 20% say they'd be "devastated" by such a sale, with just under one in three (28%) saying they'd be "mildly upset" if Henry sold the team. You can still vote in the poll HERE.

POLL: How Upset If John Henry Sold The Red Sox?

How 'broken-up' would you be if John Henry sold the Red Sox in the next few years? free polls

Chunichi Dragons Holding Tryout For Daisuke Matsuzaka

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Former Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka will get a tryout next Tuesday from the Chunichi Dragons of the Nippon Professional Baseball League. The 37-year-old Matsuzaka has pitched only one game in the NPB since 2015—suffering a shoulder injury that required surgery. Over his entire Japanese professional career, Dice-K is 108-60 with a 2.96 ERA. His MLB record was 56-43 with a 4.45 ERA. He won a World Series Championship with the Red Sox in 2007.