Monday, December 11, 2017

POLL: Over 4 In 5 Want Sox To Get Hosmer And Martinez

Continued voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that more than four in five readers (81%) agree that the Red Sox should get both Eric Hosmer and J.D. Martinez to keep pace with The Evil Ones. As the chart shows, just 19% take the opposite view—disagreeing with the idea of the twin acquisitions. You can still vote in the poll HERE.

Yankee Brass Proves As Insufferable As Their Fans

In a fit of juvenile trolling that could only come from the Bronx, the Yankees PR department tweeted out this: "The 2018 Yankees will be the second team in MLB history to acquire MLB's home run champion after leading the Majors in team homers the prior year (the Yankees acquired Babe Ruth following the 1919 season)." Really? Are you that upset and insecure about losing the AL East to the Red Sox last year—and the year before that? Are you that embarrassed that you've haven't hoisted any hardware in almost a decade—while Boston has three World Series Championships in the last 13 years? Poor babies. Sad.

Jeter-Driven Stanton Swindle Made Official In NYC Today

Not that it's a surprise, but Derek Jeter's 'bag-job' to his old team—essentially giving away Giancarlo Stanton—was made official today. The Yankees sacrifice virtually nothing personnel-wise—Starlin Castro (the highly-overrated 2B), and marginal prospects Jose Guzman and Jose Devers (the latter being the cousin of Sox IF Rafael Devers). While The Pinstriped Posers have to eat $265 million of Stanton's $295 million contract—Jeter will thoughtfully eat the $30 million balance. And, that $30 million will only go to The Evil Ones if Stanton does not opt-out of his contract after the 2020 season. Now, this is collusion. Pure and simple.

FenwayNation Calendar: Needed Now More Than Ever!

With the acquisition of Giancarlo Stanton by The Bronx Embalmers, it's now more imperative than ever that you fixate as much as possible on the only true counter-force to The Evil EmpireThe Carmine Hose. A good way to do this—and take your mind off what the Pinstripe Poser line-up will look like in April—is to purchase one (or, better yet, many2018 FenwayNation Calendars. Lots of good exclusive photos—yada, yada, yada....just buy it! You can achieve that HERE.

POLL: Nearly 3 In 4 Want BOTH Hosmer And Martinez

Early voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that nearly three-quarters of readers (74%) agree that the Red Sox should now acquire both Eric Hosmer and J.D. Martinez. As the chart shows, just slightly over one-quarter (26%) disagree with the double acquisition—even after The Evil Ones snared Giancarlo Stanton. You can still vote in the poll HERE.

POLL: Do Sox Now Need BOTH Hosmer And Martinez?

Agree or disagree: With The Evil Ones getting Stanton, Boston needs to acquire BOTH Eric Hosmer and J.D. Martinez. free polls

Kyle Schwarber May Be Another Red Sox Target Bat

(Getty Images)
Yeeesh! Is that what we really need? A fat guy who hits .211? Multiple reports suggest that the Red Sox have strong interest in trading for Chicago Cubs OF Kyle Schwarber. While the 24-year-old did hit 30 HRs last year, he does not hit for average and makes the late Red Sox first-baseman Dick Stuart look like Brooks Robinson in the field. Another impediment to any trade is the fact that Theo Epstein has a huge man-crush on Schwarber. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Schwarber played college ball at Indiana with Red Sox prospect Sam Travis—but that's not enough to overcome his serious deficiencies. Also, Theo is likely to ask for the moon to part with one of his binkies. Do not make this trade!

REPORT: Red Sox Talking To 1B Free-Agent Santana

Finally, Dave Dombrowski seems to be getting off his duff—no doubt shocked into action by The Evil Ones landing Giancarlo Stanton. Now, Jon Heyman of MLB Network is reporting that the Red Sox are one of the teams in active pursuit of Cleveland free-agent first-baseman Carlos Santana. Stay tuned.

REPORT: Red Sox Actively 'Shopping' Jackie Bradley, Jr.

(Getty Images)
Multiple reports now confirm that the Red Sox—stung by Giancarlo Stanton going to the Bronx—are again actively shopping Jackie Bradley, Jr. to several teams in search of a power bat. It's unclear who those target teams are—but one is likely the Chicago White Sox for their power-hitting first-baseman José Abreu. Realistically, Boston will need to add multiple bats to their weak-hitting lineup, and the pressure is now squarely on Dave Dombrowski to counter the new threat from The Bronx Embalmers.

Sox Pitcher Steven Wright Arrested For Domestic Assault

Knuckle-balling Red Sox pitcher Steven Wright was arrested on Friday night and charged with domestic assault. The team released this official response, "We are aware of the incident involving Steven. This is certainly a matter that the Red Sox take very seriously. It is (our) understanding that both local police and MLB are looking into this, and for that reason the club won’t have any further comment at this time." The Wright family also released a statement stressing that Wright "did not raise his hand at anyone during the incident." Nevertheless, given the seriousness that MLB treats domestic violence incidents, Wright's future with the Red Sox is certainly in doubt.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

John Henry Needs To Sail Off Into The Soccer Sunset

He gave us teams that earned three rings—but he also chained us to a 105-year old cramped ballpark. He gave us better fan services—but, every chance he got, he burdened us with his pretentious, politically-correct view of the world. He claimed to love baseball, but he flew across the pond to watch foreign soccer way too often. He spent part of his billions to get us players like Curt SchillingChris Sale and Craig Kimbrel—but went on the cheap at critical times (like never even making an offer on Giancarlo Stanton). In short, it's time for John Henry to go—far, far away. He was never one of us—a carpetbagger from parts unknown with pocket-protector geekiness. He is not and will never be Boston. Adios, Ichabod Crane! Don't let the door in the Green Monster hit you on the way out.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Deal Sending Giancarlo Stanton To Evil Ones Is In Place

Well, we hate to say we were right—but three times FenwayNation warned that The Evil Empire would lurk on the fringes of the Giancarlo Stanton Sweepstakesand would pounce at the last possible minute. Multiple reports suggest that this nightmare scenario is now a reality. Derek Jeter is clearly paying back his former team—ridiculous! The Marlins would get back Starlin Castro, other Yankee veterans and prospects. The thought of Stanton in the same lineup with Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez is a little scary. Dave Dombrowski had better unload John Henry's wallet fast in the next few days—or Red Sox fans will be facing another very long championship drought in Boston.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Phase One Of Fenway Mega-Development Wins Approval

Fenway Center
Get ready for even more traffic nightmares around Fenway Park. The State of Massachusetts has approved Phase I of a $500 million construction project across from America's Most Cramped Ballpark. Dubbed "Fenway Center", the mammoth project will eventually include five new buildings to be built in two phases—near the current Yawkey Way T stop and atop the "air rights" over the Massachusetts Turnpike. Brace for years of annoying construction right around the park. Remember last year's horrific delays around Commonwealth Avenue? That will be mere child's play compared to this doozy!

Cora: Mookie Betts Will Be Boston's 2018 Leadoff Man

New Red Sox manager Alex Cora revealed to WEEI's Rob Bradford that Mookie Betts will be the team's lead-off hitter in 2018. In 2017, Betts was at the top of the lineup exactly half the time—81 games—hitting 16 HRs and compiling an .815 OPS. Analyzing Betts' impact, Cora stated, "I feel Mookie is athletic enough, he has extra-base power and he can be aggressive enough in the strike zone to put a good swing on right away and make the game 1-0, or have a man on second with no outs." Indeed. (Getty Images)