Sunday, June 26, 2016

POLL: Wil Myers Continues to Be Narrow OF Choice

Final results to our latest FenwayNation Poll show that former Rookie-Of-The-Year Wil Myers tops the list—at 26%—of possible OF acquisitions by the Red Sox. As the chart shows, almost as many (25%) think no trade for an OF should be made at all, while 21% would opt for former Red Sox RF Josh Reddick. Jay Bruce is the only other player on the list to receive support by more than 10% of our readers (12%). Jon Jay garnered 6% of the total vote.

Papi-Less Red Sox Go All AAA In Texas Rubber Match

The Red Sox will rest David Ortiz in the following Pawtucket-like line-up: Mookie Betts RF, Dustin Pedroia 2B, Xander Bogaerts SS, Hanley Ramirez 1B, Jackie Bradley Jr. CF, Bryce Brentz DH, Travis Shaw 3B, Sandy Leon C, Ryan LaMarre LF. Clay Buchholz will "pitch".

Sox Are Texas Toast, Get Burnt 10-3 Deep In The Heart

(AP Photo)
Steven Wright's league-leading ERA didn't go up much—thanks to key errors by Xander Bogaerts and Hanley Ramirez—but the Red Sox lost big anyway, 10-3. Boston briefly led, 1-0, on a Ramirez HR, but the floodgates really opened up for Texas in a nasty fifth inning. Five Ranger runs crossed the plate—and that was pretty much all she wrote. Ramirez and Jackie Bradley, Jr. each had two hits in the see-saw Boston offense. But, game by game it becomes clearer that this team will not be competitive in the American League without a major pitching overhaul.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sox Take A Chainsaw To Texas, Get 8-7 Comeback Win

(AP Photo)
This one pretty much had it all. A crappy start by David Price; a 2-out, 9th-inning, epic 11-pitch at-bat double by Sandy "Babe" Leon; a clutch 9th-inning HR by Mookie Betts (called in the dugout by Jackie Bradley, Jr.); a "get-on-the-board" 2-run HR by Hanley Ramirez; a JBJ "get closer" HR in 6th; 6 2/3 innings of great bulllpen work; and a wild pitch go-ahead run. Phew! The result? Down 6-0 in the third inning, The Carmine Hose staged a comeback for the ages in an amazing 8-7 win in Texas. Other than that, pretty much nothing else happened.

Friday, June 24, 2016

REPORT: Sox Have Inquired About Trade For Teheran

Teheran (L); Vizcaino (R)
According to's Jim Bowden, the Red Sox have contacted the Atlanta Braves about a trade for starting pitcher Julio Teheran. Bowden also claims that Dave Dombrowski is interested in Braves relief pitcher Arodys Vizcaino. Of course, the real question is how much Atlanta wants back from Boston in prospects and/or active roster players. If this deal would send either Yoan Moncada or Andrew Benintendi southward—then we say, NO! Similarly, any deal cannot touch The Killer B's on the major league roster. Boston has plenty of other solid prospects in the organization, but if Atlanta insists on any of these—then we can do without Teheran. The 25-year old Vizcaino is 1-2 this year, with a stellar 2.01 ERA in 32 games out of the Braves bullpen. Teheran—also 25-years-old—is 3-7 this season—with a 2.66 ERA over 15 starts.

POLL: Reader Division On How To Deal With Sox OF

Early voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that readers are pretty divided on what approach the Red Sox should take regarding their LF situation. As the chart shows, a very slim plurality (27%) think the team should trade for former Rookie-Of-The-Year Wil Myers, while just about as many (26%) think no trade should be made at all. Former Red Sox OF Josh Reddick is next in line—garnering support from 22% of readers. Jay Bruce is next in support at 11% followed by Jon Jay at 6%, former Sox player Alejandro De Aza at 5%, Carlos Gomez at 2% and Ichiro Suzuki at just 1%. You can stll vote in the poll HERE.

Will Pat Light Be Called Up To Buttress Red Sox Bullpen?

Fire-Balling Pat Light
Despite yesterday's thrilling extra-inning win, your Carmine Hose still have some serious problems to address. There's the mediocre starting rotation, the rash of recent injures resulting in a thin bench, and the see-saw bullpen performances. This last issue might find a solution within the organization. Don't look now, but Boston's 2012 first-round draft pick Pat Light (#37 overall) has been on fire in AAA. The Pawtucket reliever (whose pick was compensation for the loss of Jonathan Papelbon) has delivered nine consecutive scoreless outings over his last 10 innings. While Light thinks his best pitch is the splitter, his fastball has been clocked at 102 MPH. Stay tuned!

Apparently, People In Texas Really Don't Like The Sox

If some guy named R.J. Choppy is any indication, the people of Texas are a little negative toward your Boston Red Sox. No, that's too mild an assessment—this guy really hates The Carmine Hose. In an article on Dallas' CBS affiliate website, this Choppy character lists ten reasons why he hates us. Of course, it's filled with the usual stereotypical rants about Boston—you know, we're academic pointy-head intellectuals, we don't really constitute a sports "Nation", David Ortiz gets a pass on PEDs—the standard crap. But, then, 'R. J.' goes after our hats—apparently he's ticked off that so many people around the world don Red Sox chapeaus. Well, guess what, R.J.? That happens when you win. We realize that's an alien concept in the former Republic of Texas—the Rangers seem to be allergic to winning clinching World Series games. Maybe someday you, too, will get the thrill of victory—and not the ignominy of defeat. Then, you might see some ugly Ranger hats around.......Nah.

POLL: Which Short-Term Contract OF Should Sox Get?

OF Bryce Brentz Will Join Red Sox For Texas Series

With Chris Young headed to the disabled list with a hamstring strain, the Red Sox are clearly in need of someone to play left field. Thus, Bryce Brentz will join the team in Texas today after being promoted from AAA Pawtucket. The 27-year-old Brentz will get another shot at the bigs. This year, he's hitting .261 with four HRs for the PawSox. Of course,  this raises the question of whether Boston should trade for a LF with short-term contract status—assuming Andrew Benintendi will be ready to take over the position in 2017. Brentz is already on the 40-man Red Sox roster and has played in nine previous major league games—hitting .308 in 26 plate appearances during the 2014 season. Stay tuned!

Bogie Beats Back Sweep In 10th, Red Sox Win, 8-7

(AP Photo)
It was looking like a sweep was inevitable. The Red Sox were losing more leads than Willy Loman (note to Millennials: see Miller, Arthur). The bullpen was imploding again (see: Tazawa, Junichi). John Farrell was freshening up his resume. Then, Craig Kimbrel (after loading the bases) miraculously escaped a 10th inning jam. And, Xander "MVP" Bogaerts drove home the winning run in the bottom of the 10th to secure a much-needed 8-7 win. Actually, we should have known this could end well when Boston stormed back from a 4-1 deficit by scoring four times with the benefit of just one hit in the sixth inning.Then again, The Nation is pessimistic by nature (you may have noticed). Boston now heads out to Texas to play a surprisingly good Ranger team.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Yoan Moncada Might Be Closer to Fenway Than Ever

(AP Photo)
As one Cuban signee (Rusney Castillo) fails miserably, another (Yoan Moncada) performs brilliantly. After just two games at AA Portland, the 21-year-old second-baseman is 4-10 (including 3-5 yesterday). Clearly, the kid is on the fast-track to Fenway—where, frankly, the big club could use him. If he keeps thrashing AA pitching, Boston's #1 prospect might get a quick promotion to Pawtucket and a possible call-up to Boston in September (or sooner). Stay tuned!

POLL: Final Farrell 'No-Confidence' Vote At Two-Thirds

Our final look at the latest FenwayNation Poll shows that fully two-thirds of our readers (66%) express little or no confidence in the in-game management of Red Sox skipper John Farrell. As the chart shows, almost four in ten (37%) say they have "hardly any confidence" in Farrell, while another 29%—almost one-third—express "no confidence at all". A total of just 35% register any level of confidence—12% "a lot of confidence" and 23% "some confidence". Clearly, patience is wearing thin in The Nation.

Mookie Holding Onto Final Starting All-Star Outfield Spot

With voting closing at midnight on June 30th (one week from today), Mookie Betts has taken over the lead for the third OF spot on this year's American League All-Star team. As the chart shows, Betts is now pulling in 1,435,218 votes—just 27,023 votes ahead of Mark Trumbo. You can insure that the Mook-Meister becomes the fourth Red Sox starter at the July 12th game in San Diego (joining fellow leaders Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley, Jr. and David Ortiz) by voting HERE.

Travis Shaw Out Of Today's Red Sox Line-Up Again

Travis Shaw's balky right shin will keep him out another game on Thursday afternoon. Here is the full Red Sox line-up as they try to salvage one win against the formerly pathetic Chicago White Sox: Mookie Betts RF, Dustin Pedroia 2B, Xander Bogaerts SS, David Ortiz DH, Chris Young LF, Jackie Bradley Jr. CF, Hanley Ramirez 1B, Christian Vazquez C, Marco Hernandez 3B.Taking to the hill for The Carmine Hose is right-hander Rick Porcello.

Red Sox Blow Two Leads, Fall To Pale Hose Again, 8-6

(AP Photo)
Once again, a Red Sox starter pitched just bad enough to lose. Eduardo Rodriguez—under pressure to perform from Dave Dombrowski—delivered six innings of three-run ball last night in another frustrating 8-6 loss. E-Rod seemed more in control, with good velocity on his fastball, but failed to hold a 4-2 lead. Koji Uehara later yielded another lead—giving up two HRs in a terrible outing. The offense came alive with 13 hits—including another three-hit/three RBI effort by Xander Bogaerts (now hitting .351). Mookie Betts, Dustin Pedroia and Jackie Bradley, Jr. also had multiple-hit games—but it was not enough to beat this sub-par Chicago White Sox team.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dombrowski Places Not-So-Subtle Pressure On E-Rod

(Boston Herald Photo)
In the midst of a wide-ranging interview this afternoon on WEEI's Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Show, Red Sox President Dave Dombrowski placed some not-so-subtle pressure on tonight's starter Eduardo Rodriguez. Discussing the need to upgrade the starting rotation, Dombrowski said, "I think tonight’s very important, with Eduardo Rodriguez pitching. We think Eduardo can be an important part of our rotation, but he does have to go out there and he has to do it." Indeed! While the jury is still out on Dombrowski, we have to say we like the way he's unafraid to publicly put pressure on players—and yes, even bench and/or demote a few high-salaried guys. Look for a likely deadline trade by "Double D" that brings a quality starter to Fenway.

Hanley Ramirez Dropped Down To Seventh In Sox Lineup

The Red Sox, already down 0-2 in their 4-game series with The Pale Hose, will send the following lineup out tonight: Mookie Betts RF, Dustin Pedroia 2B, Xander Bogaerts SS, David Ortiz DH, Chris Young LF, Jackie Bradley Jr. CF, Hanley Ramirez 1B, Travis Shaw 3B, Sandy Leon C. Eduardo Rodriguez will take to the hill for The Carmine Hose.