Friday, December 2, 2016

POLL: Readers Still Sharply Divided On Napoli/Beltran

Further voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that readers are still just as divided as they were earlier on the relative value of Mike Napoli and Carlos Beltran as the new Red Sox DH. As the chart shows, the percentages are identical to earlier readings—with 41% siding with Napoli and 39% favoring Beltran. And, again, one voter in five (20%) thinks both options are inadequate for the new DH job. If you haven't yet, you can still vote in the poll HERE.

Pitching, Third Base, DH Focus Of Sox Winter Meetings

On Monday, the power-brokers in Major League Baseball will gather in National Harbor, Maryland for their 2016 Winter Meetings. For the Red Sox, there are three basic areas of need that could be addressed starting on Monday: Pitching (both starting and late-inning relief); Third Base; Designated Hitter. And, the resolution of the Collective Bargaining Agreement makes it even more likely that Dave Dombrowski will feel free to wheel and deal. Since 'DoubleD' has obsessed on getting an 8th-inning reliever over everything else, expect at least that move to happen over the next week. Bullpen arms like Wade Davis and/or David Robertson could be coming to Fenway—or even a 'Wild Card' like Pittsburgh's Tony Watson (our choice). Action on any of the other areas of need are far less likely to happen at National Harbor. But, you never know. Stay tuned.

Hanley Ramirez Will Play In 2017 World Baseball Classic

In the Dominican Republic for the David Ortiz charity golf event, Hanley Ramirez announced that he will be representing the island nation in the moronic World Baseball Classic. So, we can look forward to another key Red Sox player risking serious injury in meaningless non-team exhibition games during Spring Training. In other news, Hanley said he doesn't care whether he plays first base next season or is the Boston DH. Said Hanley, "I’m not the type of player or person that say I want to do this, I want to do that. I’m just going to to into spring training and do whatever they ask me to do." So, Red Sox, why not ask him not to play in the WBC?

Red Sox Among Five Serious Suitors For LHP Chris Sale

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The latest word out of The Wind City (South Side Version) is that ace left-handed starter Chris Sale is definitely on the trading block. And, your Carmine Hose are among just five serious contenders to land the 27-year-old port-sider. According to's Jon Heyman, Boston's bid is clearly in play—and could include a package involving Jackie Bradley, Jr., Andrew Benintendi or Yoan Moncada. Stay tuned!

Bah! Humbug! So Much For 'Holaday' Cheer, Red Sox!

Well, it's better that it happened today than on Christmas Eve, but the Red Sox have officially cut their ties with way-way-back-up catcher Bryan Holaday. The team did not tender a contract offer to the backstop—who now is free to ply his version of the 'tools of ignorance' to any of the other 29 MLB teams. In his wicked brief tenure in Carmine Hose, the 29-year-old hit .212 in 34 plate appearances. Alas, there will not be a Holaday Bobble Head Night in 2017.

POLL: Readers Divided On Beltran Or Napoli As DH

Early results to our latest FenwayNation Poll show a sharp division on whether Mike Napoli or Carlos Beltran would be the better solution to the emerging Red Sox DH problem. As the chart shows, readers prefer Napoli over Beltran by a razor thin margin (41%-39%)—with a full 20% saying neither one of them is the right solution. You can still vote in the poll HERE.

Manny Ramirez Is A 'Fighting Dog' For 2017 Season

OK, forget about what we just told you regarding a Red Sox news 'deadspot'. Are you ready? Manny Ramirez—yes, that 44-year old guy who used to wear Carmine Hose—is negotiating a deal to play for the Kochi Fighting Dogs. The 'Dogs' are a team in the independent Shikoku Island League. Another former major leaguer who also played in this relatively obscure league was Julio Franco—who, by the way, is a spry 58-years-old as we write this. This is not Manny's first foray into Asian baseball—he suited up for the EDA Rhinos in the Chinese Professional Baseball League (Taiwan) in 2013. Hopefully, there is a convenient rest room area out in left field at the Fighting Dog stadium.

POLL: Better Sox Solution To DH—Beltran Or Napoli?

Which likely Red Sox acquisition better solves the DH problem? free polls

Sox-Related News Hitting Dreaded December 'Deadspot'

Usually the 'off-season' in Boston Red Sox World is a complete misnomer. There is always something to talk about regarding The Carmine Hose. Indicative of this is the fact that on our little website alone, we've averaged 127.6 postings in the month of December over the last five years. And yet, we are now in a dreaded 'deadspot'. The World Series is over, all the awards have been given out, and the Winter Meetings don't start until Monday. We're relegated to speculating about highly unlikely trades for pitching and ugly and/or profane Xmas sweaters. But sit tight, readers, we're about to ramp up into a flurry of activity come Monday. Said activity will take us all the way to Opening Day at Fenway Park—just a little over 122 days from today.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Boston Is Ranked As Number Two Sports City In USA

In a report that is sure to irk every red-blooded Boston sports fan, the city has been named as the number two sports city in America. And, yes, your suspicion about who holds down the number one spot is correct—Baghdad-On-The-Hudson. The ranking comes from some outfit called "WalletHub"—supposedly using five key "metrics" to gauge who placed where on the list. Filling out the Top Ten cities were: 3.) Pittsburgh, 4.) Los Angeles, 5.) Chicago, 6.) Philadelphia, 7.) Washington, DC, 8.) Detroit, 9.) St. Louis and 10.) Denver. To give you an idea of the validity of this process, a separate ranking places Boston as fifth best for baseball fans—with Atlanta ranking ahead of us. You mean the city that barely drew 2,000,000 fans to watch the Braves last year—making them 12th out of 15 National League teams in attendance. Seriously?

Possibly The Last Sales Pitch For The 2017 FN Calendar

Just 23 days until Hanukkah and 24 days until Christmas. And a mere 30 days until you will need the 2017 FenwayNation Calendar for real. Think of all the people you can cross off your Holiday list by just logging on and buying a whole bunch of these beauties. They're just $14.99 each. Each month features a new, exclusive photo of Fenway Park—an image you can't get anywhere else. Plus, if we get enough orders, we won't have to bother you again with another over-the-top, shameless display of begging. You can order the calendar (and get a free preview of each month's photo) HERE.

Red Sox Showing Strong Interest In Old Pal Mike Napoli

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Now that Major League Baseball has a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place (sort of), there is no longer any excuse for inaction on the part of Dave Dombrowski. While he is already out of the Edwin Encarnación hunt, multiple reports suggest he's hot for old buddy Mike Napoli. Nap had one of his best seasons in 2016—helping The Tribe get to Game Seven of the World Series. As we all recall, he was one of the most popular of the 'Bearded Wonders' who delivered us a World Championship in 2013. Most pundits surmise that Napoli could be slotted in at his old first base post (where he did very well for us)—allowing Hanley Ramirez to become the new DH. Sounds like a plan.

MLB Finally Un-Couples All-Star Game And World Series

For years now, we have been beseeching Major League Baseball to end the silly World Series home-field advantage formula—tied to the outcome of the annual All-Star Game. For one thing, it turned what should be a fun exhibition into a winner-take-all proposition on a one-game sample size. Silly. Plus, we already have a big sample size to work with in the daily Interleague play. Just total up all those games and whichever league has the most victories gets home field in The Fall Classic. The new Collective Bargaining Agreement gives a less elegant solution—but we'll take it! From now on, whichever pennant winner has the better regular-season record gets home field. Much better.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fame Of Mookie Betts Reaches Ugly Sweater Level

It's official. AL MVP runner-up Mookie Betts is now an icon. And, for a mere $49.99 you too can own an ugly sweater paying homage to the Red Sox right-fielder. And, man, is it ever ugly! Emblazoned with an image of Mookie in a Santa hat displaying his Gold Glove, the sweater reads: 'Betts XMas Ever!' Yikes. According to Fresh Brewed Tees (the people who make the ugly things), the sweater is a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. But, we guarantee you, it's 100% ugly. In case your cringe factor isn't ratcheted all the way up, there's also a sweater for David Ortiz. It tastefully reads: 'Papi Noel'. Why, we're not sure. We have an idea for an ugly sweater for Pablo Sandoval—but this is a family website. You can purchase the Mookie sweater HERE. Please, don't tell them we sent you.