Saturday, March 17, 2018

POLL: Which Sox Bubble Guy Are You Pulling For Most?

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Friday, March 16, 2018

"Jim Buchanan" Interviews Big "Poopie" In Ft. Myers

Poor 'Judge'-Ment Leads To Tampering Concern By MLB

(AP Photo—2017)
Aaron Judge may be able to hit HRs (and strike out a lot), but his recruitment skills leave a lot to be desired. Judge reportedly told Baltimore's Manny Machado that "he'd look good in pinstripes". Major League Baseball informed The Evil Ones that Judge's comments could be construed as violating the league's tampering rules. Those rules prohibit: "negotiations or dealings respecting employment, either present or prospective, between any player, coach or manager and any major or minor league club other than the club with which the player is under contract, or acceptance of terms, or by which the player is reserved or which has the player on its negotiation list." Of course, Judge will get nothing more than a slap on the wrist—these are the Yankees, after all. Pathetic.

Yawkey Way Hearing Features Both Sides Of The Issue

The Red Sox-inspired hearing before the City Of Boston Public Improvement Commission took place on Thursday. It drew speakers from both sides of the controversial issue—i.e, whether to expunge the Yawkey Way name and replace it with Jersey Street. In addition to the Red Sox attorneys, Walter Carrington spoke in favor of the change. Carrington had led the 1959 hearings into charges of racial bias held by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. He stated, "It was clear from those hearings that the Red Sox policies were the policies of Tom Yawkey himself. During the time he was president of the Red Sox he was, if not an absolute racist, generally an enabler of racism." On the other side, former Red Sox pitcher Jim Lonborg argued against taking away the Yawkey name from the street in front of Fenway Park. Said Lonborg, "I personally saw a change in Mr. Yawkey from the 1966, '67, '68 seasons. I would like to see his legacy move forward from the time when I think he became a better man. I'd like you to consider keeping the name for all the good things he did later in life." There was no ruling given at the Thursday hearing.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sing Petition To Stop Automatic 2B Runner In Extras

FenwayNation is taking the initiative to communicate fan opposition to the new minor league rule allowing the automatic placement of a runner on 2B in extra innings. Clearly, the implication is that the rule—if it flies in the minors— may be migrated to the the major leagues. Please read and sing the petition—which will be sent to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. Sign the petition HERE. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Derek Jeter Pays Attention With Fan Feedback Loop

Once again, another MLB owner is doing something that John Henry should try to emulate. This time, it's from the new owner of Henry's old team—the Marlins. Former Bronx Embalmer Derek Jeter has initiated a new feedback system that offers multiple contact points allowing the 'fish franchise' access to fan opinion on a range of topics. Dubbed "Dímelo"—which is Spanish for "talk to me"—the system offers fans both in-person (high-tech booths at the park) and digitally-based (online) opportunities to express their views. Whether it's food options or branding or even player personnel decisions—Marlin fans can now let the former Yankee captain know exactly how they feel. This is smart on both a public relations level and on a level that will actually give ownership insight into what fans are thinking. Mr. Henry, Mr. Henry? 

Minors Pace-Of-Play Rule Goes Too Far In Extra Innings

In general, we are all for implementing reasonable pace-of-play rules to speed up the game of baseball. But one of the new 2018 rules that will be in place for minor league games goes too far. Starting this season, every game that goes into extra innings will have a runner automatically placed at second base to start those innings. Here is the exact language of the new rule: "At all levels of Minor League Baseball, extra innings will begin with a runner on second base. The runner at second base will be the player in the batting order position previous to the leadoff batter of the inning (or a substitute for that player)." In our view, this is an abomination—striking at the fundamental integrity of the game. We are OK with the other new rules (15-second pitch clock, limited mound visits), but this one cannot stand. Clearly, we could be seeing "creeping" adoption by MLB in a year or two. Stop it now!

Red Sox To Start Blake Swihart At Third Base On Sunday

(Getty Images)
According to The Boston Globe's Alex Speier, the Red Sox will start red-hot Blake 'I'm Out Of Options' Swihart at third base on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Why, you ask? Well, it may be because the Pirates have the following "depth" chart at 3B: David Freese (a 34-year-old with shoddy defensive skills), Colin Moran (the 25-year-old-guy they got from the Astros for Gerrit Cole), and Jung Ho Kang (who can't enter the United States because of his third DUI arrest). I'd say you could characterize their Hot Corner situation as a "train wreck". Acquiring Swihart would give them a guy who could catch and possibly play third (if he shows he's any good at it) as well as serve a general utility role for the Bucs. By the way, their mix at backstop includes former Carmine Hoser Ryan Lavarnway. Stay tuned!

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Since the Red Sox will be heading to a Thursday morning hearing to forever expunge Yawkey Way from their official address, the following opportunity might just be too hard to pass up. If you hook up soon with our SportsCrate partners, you'll get a one-of-a-kind stadium tee shirt that may just get pretty rare after Thursday. The "Fenway Park 4 Yawkey Way" t-shirt is sure to wow your friends as you stroll down the newly-re-named "Jersey Street". How appropriate. When you subscribe to SportsCrate, you get a bi-monthly package of Sox swag that you literally can't get anywhere else.You can join HERE.

Knuckleballer Wright To Make Spring Debut Wednesday

Coming off knee surgery last Summer, Red Sox knuckleballer Steven Wright is scheduled to toss two innings of live batting practice today—and could start a Spring game this Sunday. This is great news for the state of the Red Sox rotation, which is reeling from nagging injuries to three of its five projected starters. However, even if these sessions go well, Wright will likely start the season in minor league rehab assignments.

"Longshot Lefty" Bobby Poyner May Make Sox Bullpen

(Getty Images)
He was drafted in the 14th round by the Red Sox in 2015, and shone at AA Portland in 2017 (0.94 ERA). Left-handed reliever Bobby Poyner was invited to camp this year—but was not expected to catch-on with the big club. However, new manager Alex Cora has mentioned him often as one of the pleasant surprises of Spring Training. The 25-year-old has pitched six innings so far this Spring—posting a 1.50 ERA and giving up just one hit (a HR). If Cora wants more bullpen flexibility from the "port-side", he may well opt for Poyner—at least at the start of the season.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

POLL: Nearly Seven In Ten Concerned With Rotation

Continued voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that almost seven readers in ten (68%) are most concerned with depth and injury issues related to the Red Sox starting rotation. As the chart shows, no other category in the poll is even remotely close to the rotation response—with second place comprised of  8% who actually say they have no concerns about the 2018 team. Next, at 7% are question marks in the bullpen, while 6% are most concerned with a shaky infield defense. Playing time issues in the OF collect 4% of responses—as do "other responses" not listed. Just 2% see lack of depth on the bench as the main area of concern. You can still vote HERE.