Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Red Sox Attendance Might Be Down A Little, But Pale Hose Fans Are Sparse

Sure, Red Sox attendance is down a little—"only" 32,357 showed up last night to watch the Empire get wasted, for example. But, come on, the Polar Vortex was bearing down on Fenway with wind-chills in the 20s. And, to be fair, that's paid attendance—so the actual "fannies in the seats" might have been somewhat lower (but not by much). Now, let's take a look at Monday night's game in Chicago between the lowly Rays and the other stocking laundry team. The White Sox drew (are you ready?) 974 people. 974! Now, some might argue that's about 973 too many to watch The Sons Of Kevin Cash on a frigid, windy night on the South Side of Chicago. The plush, but not overly ostentatious "New" Comiskey (or "Cominsky" according to our previous occupant of The White House) was a ghost town. About 10,000 fans actually paid for tickets to get in—so the "no-show" rate was a mere 90.2%. Yikes!