Wednesday, April 11, 2018

FORBES: The Red Sox Are The Fifth Most Valuable MLB Franchise For 2018

According to the latest evaluation from FORBES magazine, the Red Sox are the fifth most valuable MLB franchise in 2018. Not surprisingly, The Bronx Embalmers top the list at $4 billion in value, followed distantly by the Dodgers at a valuation of "just" $3 billion. Third on the list are the Cubbies at $2.9 billion, while the Giants come in fourth at $2.85 billion. The Red Sox are at number five—valued at $2.8 billion. So, the next time John Henry cries poor-mouth, ask him for a couple of hundred million—just for a week or so to tide you over. The 2017 World Series Champion Astros clock in at #11 on the list—valued at $1.65 billion. Dead last on the valuation list are—you guessed it—the lowly Tampa Bay Rays, coming in at a paltry $900 million. Gee, it looks like the hardball industry is in pretty good shape.