Friday, May 3, 2013

Blue Jays Widen Cheating Charges To Tazawa

Latest Accuser
This silliness is starting to resemble a bad Oliver Stone conspiracy movie. Not satisfied with smearing the reputation of Clay Buchholz, another Blue Jay announcer is charging Junichi Tazawa with loading up the baseball. This time, the accuser does not have a porn star-like name (i.e., Dirk Hayhurst)—it's somebody else named Mike Wilner (see flattering pic). By the way, how many broadcasters does a last-place team need? Anyway, this Wilner character TWEETED the following, "Wow, is Tazawa's right forearm glistening right now And in a very odd pattern." [Editor's note: we're not responsible for this moron's grammar or punctuation skills] Jarrod Saltamacchia's tongue-in-cheek response to this latest idiocy was quite apt, "I saw [J.A.] Happ all night going to his forearm. Is he doing something?" As the residents of Quebec might say, "Touche".