Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mediocre Red Sox Spur Local Business Growth

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If you've been wracking your brain for something positive about the mediocre performance of the local baseball nine, we may have your answer! The 2012 Boston Red Sox are so mind-numbingly ordinary that fans have been delaying their entrance into Fenway Park and accelerating their egress from the 100-year old venue. The result of this hardball ennui? A huge increase in business for the bars and restaurants that ring the park—people ordering more food and drink and taking their sweet time to actually head to Fenway for the rare treat of watching Nick Punto strike out. On the other hand, sellers of team-themed merchandise are taking it in the shorts. While overall sales of MLB jerseys are up 40%, Red Sox laundry sales (like the coveted Bobby Jenks shirt in the photo) are way down.