Wednesday, July 18, 2012

'Franklin', We Don't Get Moving Morales To 'Pen

Staff Ace Demoted To 'Pen
In the latest in a series of curious personnel moves, the Red Sox have sent one of their most effective starters of 2012—lefty Franklin Morales—back to the bullpen. Reportedly, it was Bobby Valentine's idea to get the 26-year old into the starting rotation, so his demotion—while labeled "temporary"—further calls into question the manager's power base. Morales delivered a stellar 3.42 ERA in his five starts—compared to Lester's 4.80, Beckett's 4.44, Buchholz's 5.54 and even Doubront's 4.41. The excuse of putting another lefty in the bullpen is silly. The central problem of this team has been lousy starting pitching. We should keep the one non-lousy guy in the rotation.