Monday, December 30, 2019

Red Sox Whiff On Travis Shaw, 'Ding Dong' Mayor Headed To America Lite

(Getty Images)
You could make the case that former Red Sox infielder Travis Shaw would have made an ideal signing for 2020—with his ability to play first base (and other infield positions) at a cheap price. But, instead, Shaw (who did have a really bad down year in 2019), signed with the Blue Jays for a paltry $4 million. Reportedly, the Red Sox passed because they wanted to first "move salary" before making him an offer. Shaw, you'll recall, was involved in one of the worst Boston trades of the last 20 years—going to the Brew Crew for the forgettable Tyler Thornburg. Shaw has hit 70 HRs since leaving The Carmine Hose. Maybe Michael Chavis can play first and second—kind of a "King And His Court" deal. Yikes!