Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Will David Price Head To The Halos As Nothing More Than A Salary Dump?

(Getty Images)
As Chaim Bloom tries to fit his owner's 'square peg' salary cap mandate into the 'round hole' of his very expensive roster, talk of trading David Price is gaining steam. The latest suitor is the Los Angeles, Anaheim, Orange County, California, United States, North America, Earth, Milky Way Angels. After acquiring super-star third-baseman Anthony Rendon, the Halos whiffed on multiple free-agent starting pitchers. So, despite his hefty remaining contract and iffy health issues, Price is now an 'attractive' trade target. The key is how much salary the Red Sox will eat of the remaining $96 million of salary Price is owed over the next three years. Given Bloom's dilemma, he will probably opt for eating less salary and getting some stumble-bum crappy prospects in return. This would, essentially, be a pure salary dump and would buy Boston one more year of Mookie Betts—but, frankly, Sox fans, he's likely outta here after that. Get used to it.