Sunday, December 16, 2018

Red Sox Owe MLB $11,951,091 In Luxury Tax Penalties For Biggest Payroll

Hey, do you really care? We won the World Series, remember? So, big deal, John Henry has to fork over $11,951,091 to the other MLB owners for having the biggest player payroll in the sport—way over the luxury tax threshold (actually $40 million over the tax line of $197 million). The only other MLB team that has to pay up is the Washington Nationals—who owe a relatively measly $2,386,097. The other big penalty for Boston is a 10-position drop in next year's draft—probably all the way down to the mid-40s. With some kind of blue smoke and mirrors, The Bronx Embalmers had only the sixth biggest payroll at a paltry $192.98 million. Again, we don't really care that Henry has to pay this—better on this than some foreign soccer team.