Thursday, September 6, 2018

As We Look Forward To A 9th World Series Title—Maybe We Already Have It

The 1904 Champs
One hundred and fourteen years ago, in 1904, the National League Champion New York Giants refused to play the upstart American League Champion Boston franchise in that year's World Series. Of course, you shouldn't be surprised that yet another arrogant New York team would pull something like that—it must be in the drinking water. Anyway, a year earlier, in 1903, the just two-year-old franchise (known as the Boston Americans) had embarrassed the Senior Circuit by winning the first ever World Series. For years, FenwayNation has battled this miscarriage of justice and advocated that Boston be awarded their ninth World Series title—given the clear forfeiture by the rogue National League snobs. As we contemplate this special 2018 Red Sox season—and anticipate a ninth championship ring—maybe we should consider that we already have it, and, instead be seeking a tenth one. Hey, Commissioner Manfred, how about some action on this?