Sunday, August 26, 2018

Don't Look Now—Sox Lead Is Down To 7, As They Lose Again In Tampa, 5-1

For those of you who think 1978 and 2011 can't happen again—take a look at the standings this morning. Boston's lead in the American League East is down to a mere seven games—and dropping fast. Last night, the Red Sox lost again to the resilient Rays—a 5-1 smackdown. Rick Porcello could only go five innings and gave up three earned runs. Boston's offense managed just five hits—with two each going to J.D. Martinez and Eduardo Nunez. Today's they face the best Rays starter, while the Yankees again face the hapless Orioles. Tomorrow morning the once bulky lead could be down to six—with six head-to-head games with The Empire still left on the schedule.