Saturday, August 25, 2018

Joe Kelly Shines In One Inning Of Scoreless Relief, Sox Get Hammered, 10-3

(Getty Images)
As good as the Red Sox are this year, they are still vulnerable in key spots that can lead to blowout losses like last night's 10-3 massacre in Tampa. Right now, starting pitching is not as "deep" as we might think—with David Price being our most dependable hurler (think about that for a couple of seconds). With Chris Sale, Steven Wright and Eduardo Rodriguez on the shelf for who knows how long and Nathan Eovaldi with good and bad outings, it's left to Brian Johnson and Hector Velazquez (8 earned runs last night) to carry the load. This is a prescription for disaster—like last night. On top of everything, Drew Pomeranz got shelled again in his new bullpen role. Of course, The Evil Ones won in extra innings with two HRs from a Cardinals cast-off. By the end of today, Boston's lead could be just 7.5 games. Beware.