Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sparky Lyle's Birthday Recalls One Of The Worst Trades In Red Sox History

(Getty Images)
Sparky Lyle turns 74-years-old today. The left-handed relief pitcher played five stellar seasons for the Red Sox—compiling a 22-17 record with 69 saves and a 2.85 ERA. So, what did we do, ride to a couple of championships with him in the bullpen, huh? Wrong, pine tar breath! In 1972, we traded him to the Yankees of all teams and got back—(wait for it) Danny Cater. Lyle went on to pitch seven terrific seasons in the Bronx—going 57-40 with 141 saves and a 2.41 ERA. Lyle ended up pitching (brilliantly, we might add) for The Bronx Embalmers in two World Series (1976, 1977). Cater, on the other hand, (a decent enough player) spent just three years in Boston—hitting .262 with 14 HRs. Not exactly an even swap. Although, we did trade him away to the Cardinals in 1975 for the immortal Danny Godby (who ended up never playing a single game for the Red Sox). Oy! Happy birthday, Sparky!