Friday, June 8, 2018

Taped John Henry Deposition Heard In Lawsuit Over Fenway Foul Ball Injury

UPDATE: Jury Sides With Red Sox In Lawsuit
A video-taped deposition by Red Sox principal owner John Henry was played in open court yesterday during proceedings related to a lawsuit filed against the team. The suit—filed by Brookline's Stephanie Taubin—alleges negligence on behalf of the Red Sox. Taubin was sitting in the EMC Club behind home plate when a David Ortiz foul ball hit her on the left side of the face—causing facial fractures and neurological damage. Before 2005, the seating area was behind protective glass. Said Taubin in her testimony, "I heard the bones crack. It just kind of knocked me. I felt an enormous amount of pain. I saw him [Ortiz] hit the ball. I heard the ball come off the bat. It came up towards the right and then came over and hit me on the left side of my face." Literally adding insult to injury, a "Red Sox Ambassador" came to Taubin's hospital room to give her a gift bag of souvenirs. For his part, Henry said that he considers the EMC Club safe—saying he puts his own family members in those same seats. The team owner stated his opinion that being hit above the neck is a significant injury. But, he then went on to offer this cringe-worthy addendum, "Especially for someone, for a woman it’s traumatic to get hit in the face or above the neck." Yikes, Johnny-Boy!