Monday, April 9, 2018

Red Sox-Yankee Venom May Be Edging Back Toward Pedro-Gerbil Levels

Last season, there's was a bit of a revival of the Red Sox-Yankee rivalry—but it was tempered by a number of factors (not the least of which was that they didn't meet for the AL flag). This year, with the acquisitions in the Bronx and the protracted signing of J.D. Martinez in Boston, you get the sense that things are really starting to get spicy again. We may not yet be back to the vitriol that resulted in Pedro Martinez flinging 72-year-old Don Zimmer to the turf. But, it might be close to that. The typically obnoxious fans of The Evil Ones are flapping their gums even more than usual these days. But, as their TwinTowers Of Turpitude continue to strike out at epic rates, they will inevitably get more frustrated. And, frustrated Yankee fans can get really disgusting. So, as The Pinstriped Posers ooze their way into Fenway this week, we can all look forward to an ever intensifying slate of 19 games—plus the post-season.