Monday, April 9, 2018

Is Team Silence On Xander Bogaerts Injury A Bad Omen For Star Shortstop?

The time keeps ticking away with no word at all on the status of Xander Bogaerts' left ankle injury. One would have to presume that if the news was goodor even mixed—we would have heard something by now (roughly 1PM Eastern time). As the afternoon wears on, the foreboding in The Nation grows. Twitter is filled with comments like: "Red Sox would have already announced update if his injury was minor. Definitely not day to day or 10 day DL. More likely months & possibly surgery. Unable to bear weight. Bone or ligament damage in ankle seem very likely." Clearly, nobody knows for sure what the heck is going on—after all, the Kremlin-like posture of the NOG is legendary. Moreover, the track record of the Red Sox medical team is shaky at best. All we do know is that we know nothing—which is not a good place to be.