Friday, April 13, 2018

It Was Red Sox Who Requested A Delayed Vote On Yawkey Way Name Change

According to a report in The Boston Herald, it was the Red Sox (and their owner John Henry) who requested a second delay in the voting to re-name Yawkey Way as Jersey Street. A vote by the City Of Boston Public Improvement Commission was set for April 12th—but was unexpectedly postponed (without a reason given at the time). We now know the delay was due to a Red Sox request, as stated in this letter by a team attorney, "We remain committed to our petition and do not seek to alter it in any way, how­ever, we would like to request a two-week deferment to ensure the commission has ample time to review and fully consider the substantial testimony, and any new material that has been received from the community." Reportedly, a barrage of letters against the change have come into the Commission, a fact that is making the team's change petition a little politically embarrassing for some (especially Mayor Marty Walsh—a long-time Red Sox lapdog). The new vote is scheduled for April 26th—maybe.