Friday, April 13, 2018

No Matter What, The Iconic Image Of 2018 Will Be "Joustin' Jim Buchanan"

(Getty Images)
There are certain images that endure. One such image will be that of Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly (AKA Joustin' Jim Buchanan) about to pummel Yankee Tyler Austin during The Great Brawl of 2018. Amidst all the chaos around him, there is Kelly, in his focused determination to exact retribution on Austin for his bush-league "cleats-high" takeout of Brock Holt. This is high sport, high drama, high theater. It almost has DaVinci-like symmetry. Despite its obvious brutality, the guilty truth is, it's part of why we watch baseball. Credited to Bill Weiss via Getty Images, this photo will take its place along with other classic Boston images—like Jason Varitek getting up in A-Fraud's grill, the take-down of The Gerbil by Pedro Martinez and Carlton Fisk waving his HR fair. So, pause and appreciate the history you are witnessing this April and savor this year's lasting image—no matter how the season ultimately turns out. You will remember the moment. Trust us. Click on it—and enjoy.