Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Sizzling Swihart Is The Object Of Many An MLB Eye

(Getty Images)
Which do you want first—the good news or the bad news? OK, the bad news is that Blake Swihart's red hot Spring (.417 BA) is making him wicked attractive to other MLB teams. So, basically, there is no good news. Never mind. Healthy for the first time in his career, Swihart may be hitting his stride in 2018 as a legitimate star. The question, of course, is 'where does he play'? On any of the other interested teams, he would be a primary or back-up catcher. On the Red Sox, he would be a utility-type guy who can be a third catcher as well. Dave Dombrowski reportedly does not want to deal the 25-year-old unless he gets an elite prospect in return. Since Swihart's value will likely never be higher, we agree with the strategy.