Monday, March 5, 2018

Hey, NESN: Send More Wakefield On Sox Broadcasts!

Over the weekend, it became readily apparent that former Red Sox hero Tim Wakefield was pretty darned good at game commentary. Not only did Wake outshine his booth-mate Steve Lyons, he was actually more informative and entertaining than play-by-play guy Dave O'Brien. The blunt honesty of Wakefield's comments was so refreshingly different that it really stood out. He was speaking his mind—no matter who it might potentially offend (including team ownership). If NESN really wants to enhance lagging ratings, give us more regular helpings of Wake during the season! Oh, and by the way, NESN, the clunky "box-in-box" replay you're touting is embarrassingly amateurish. If you really want to impress fans on the technological front—how about Super Slow Mo replay—like the rest of the baseball world already has!