Thursday, January 25, 2018

Red Sox Will Exceed Luxury Tax Cap Without Martinez

According to an analysis by Christopher Smith of, the Red Sox are destined to go over the $197 million MLB Luxury Tax threshold in 2018—even without signing J.D. Martinez. The total payroll this year should easily go over $200 million. Starting pitcher salaries alone are estimated at $76.1 million (David Price by himself gets $30 million). Relief pitchers will be paid about $20.56 million. Infielder payroll will be $70.525 million, while catchers come away relatively cheap at a total of $3.375 million. Outfielders chime in at somewhere between $13.6 -$16.6 million (depending on the Mookie Betts arbitration ruling). All in all, with various associated expenses, the payroll will bust through the Major League Baseball tax threshold.