Friday, January 5, 2018

New CBA Makes Decisions On Rusney Castillo Tougher

(Getty Images)
The new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between Major League Baseball owners and the Players' Union has thrown a wrinkle into the whole Rusney Castillo conundrum. Castillo—who is now 30 years-old—was signed for seven years and $72.5 million back in 2014. His performance has been up and down since then—mostly down—with a solid year at AAA in 2017. Up until the new agreement, Castillo's average annual salary has not been counted in Boston's collective bargaining salary threshold. However, going forward, if Castillo appears on the 40-man roster (even if he is later "out-righted" to AAA), his numbers will hit the payroll. So, for the remaining three years of his contract, Castillo presents an even bigger problem than before. If some teams see his 2017 performance as predictive of the future, he might be dealt. Otherwise, the contract will continue to be a big albatross around the neck of the Red Sox.