Friday, January 5, 2018

Dodgers Floated Jackie Bradley, Jr. For Yasiel Puig Trade

Bradley (L); Puig (R)
Well, you have to give Magic Johnson props for chutzpah. According to The Boston Globe's Alex Speier, the Dodgers brokered the idea of an off-season swap of outfielders—with Jackie Bradley, Jr. going to Chavez Ravine and Yasiel Puig coming to Fenway Park. Reportedly, the Red Sox "quickly declined" the offer and the talks never went beyond the flirtation stage. As Speier points out, however, the interest in Bradley by a legitimate contender shows his continuing trade value. Part of the reason for Dave Dombrowski's obstinacy on J.D. Martinez may be that he knows (and Scott Boras knows) that he could use his JBJ trade chip as an alternative way to get a power bat.