Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Author of 'Yankee Hater's Handbook' Passes Away At 83

William B. Mead, who authored "The Official New York Yankee Hater's Handbook", passed away in December at the age of 83. In addition to his obsessive (and completely understandable) hatred of The Bronx Embalmers, Mead was also an expert on the St. Louis Browns baseball franchise—which morphed into the Baltimore Orioles in the mid-1950s. In his anti-Yankee "handbook", Mead recounted the story of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce adopting a resolution that denounced The Pinstriped Posers for "poor sportsmanship" since they acquired too many good players in the middle of a particular season. Sound familiar? Mead also told of a Boston cabbie who—upon finding out that his fare was Harry Frazee—punched him and knocked him to the ground for selling Babe Ruth to The Evil Ones in 1919. Apocryphal? Maybe, but we believe it!