Tuesday, December 12, 2017

"Tradin' Dave" May Look To Marcell Ozuna For "Big Bat"

(Getty Images)
The latest scuttlebutt to come out of the Winter Meetings is that John Henry has given his marching orders: trade for a big bat—don't spend my money in free agency. So, look for some kind of trade for either José Abreu (White Sox, 1B) or Marcell Ozuna (Marlins, OF) to bring some kind of offensive clout to the anemic Red Sox line-up. Of course, trades will further deplete the Boston farm system—already ravaged by Dave Dombrowski. Ozuna—who will make just under $11 million next year, is a true "under-the-radar" star— hitting .312 last year with 37 HRs and 124 RBIs. Derek Jeter has let it be known that—having dumped Giancarlo Stanton's salary—he wants to shed Ozuna's as well. Stay tuned.