Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ninety-Eight Years Ago Today, The Horror Began For Sox

Two years from now—on December 26, 2019—it will be a full century since Harry "F." Frazee unloaded a Red Sox player that he felt he could no longer afford. That player was one George Herman "Babe" Ruth. As of today it's just the 98th anniversary of that perfidious transaction that sent Ruth to The Evil Ones. For a mere $100,000 ($25,000 cash up-front), Boston let go the greatest ballplayer in the history of the game. Now, he only won one more World Series Championship in the Bronx than he did at Fenway—but it still ranks as the worst deal in all of sports history. You know, kind of like when another Yankee—Derek Jeter—gave away the current top HR hitter in the game for a mere pittance to his old bosses in Baghdad-By-The-Husdon. While the 2017 transaction came from south Florida, it could have similar reverberations as the 1919 deal—1,500 miles north in Boston.