Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Get Used To A Bottom-Shelf Red Sox Bat Acquisition

(Getty Images)
Dave Dombrowski apologists in the mainstream Red Sox media are setting us all up for a huge off-season disappointment. Hey, these scribes argue, J.D. Martinez isn't that good. They cite various stat geeks who say that 2017 was an aberrant year for Martinez—projecting that he'll never hit 45 HRs again. Therefore, to preserve John Henry's cash-flow position (so he can support foreign soccer teams), we should sign another bat option—you know, some left-hand-hitting bottom-feeder like Jay Bruce or Logan Morrison (with Hanley Ramirez as the right-handed DH). Those guys, these Dombrowski toadies say, are much more economical when you calculate their HR and RBI ratios per dollar. Bull! The Carmine Hose need a legitimate, top-shelf DH like Martinez to realistically compete with the re-tooled Bronx Embalmers—period. Get him now!