Sunday, November 12, 2017

Beckett: Chicken, Beer, Pick-Up Trucks And Horseplay

Former Red Sox ace Josh Beckett is at it once more. The mercurial pitcher from Spring, Texas appears to have gotten a little out of control again. Boston fans first saw the effects on him of chicken and beer. Now, at a country music venue in his native Lone Star Sate, Beckett apparently went ballistic on a country performer. TMZ exclusively reported that the big right-hander jumped on stage and tackled the would-be Blake Shelton during on "open mic" night. (we have no idea who Shelton is, we're relying on GOOGLE to identify a random country singer for us). Anyway, Beckett was arrested for public intoxication and being a "danger" to himself and others. Ya think? The "tackle-ee" suffered some pretty serious injuries—including (ironically enough) a torn rotator cuff. Josh explained away the whole thing as simple "horseplay". Right.