Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Former Red Sox 3B Carney Lansford Turns 60 Today

(Getty Images)
Your humble scribe has always gravitated toward those Red Sox players who gave every ounce of effort and got the most out of their talents. Not necessarily superstars—but guys you could count on to perform every day. Such a player was Carney Lansford. When I tried to play softball many moons ago, it was Lansford's number four that I proudly wore on my back. In his brief, two-year stay in Boston, Lansford hit a combined .317—winning the AL batting title in 1981 with a .336 mark. Lansford turns 60 years old today, and his 15-year MLB career deserves celebration. Over that span, he hit .290 with 151 HRs and 874 RBIs. More importantly, he was class personified. Happy birthday, Carney!