Thursday, December 8, 2016

Panda Appears Contrite And Ready To Contribute In 2017

(A. Hernandez Via Dan Roche)
In an interview with, Red Sox third-baseman Pablo Sandoval appeared contrite about his tenure in Boston. After season-ending labrum surgery last Spring, The Panda seems to finally "get it". Said Sandoval, "My career had fallen into an abyss because I was so complacent with things that I had already accomplished. I did not work hard in order to achieve more and to remain at the level of the player that I am and that I can be." As he enters his third season under a $95 million contract, Sandoval needs to step up and be the player everyone expected him to be. Not a superstar—just a solid everyday player at the Hot Corner. Based on recent photos, he's certainly lost a lot of weight. He looks good, let's hope he performs that way.