Thursday, December 1, 2016

Boston Is Ranked As Number Two Sports City In USA

In a report that is sure to irk every red-blooded Boston sports fan, the city has been named as the number two sports city in America. And, yes, your suspicion about who holds down the number one spot is correct—Baghdad-On-The-Hudson. The ranking comes from some outfit called "WalletHub"—supposedly using five key "metrics" to gauge who placed where on the list. Filling out the Top Ten cities were: 3.) Pittsburgh, 4.) Los Angeles, 5.) Chicago, 6.) Philadelphia, 7.) Washington, DC, 8.) Detroit, 9.) St. Louis and 10.) Denver. To give you an idea of the validity of this process, a separate ranking places Boston as fifth best for baseball fans—with Atlanta ranking ahead of us. You mean the city that barely drew 2,000,000 fans to watch the Braves last year—making them 12th out of 15 National League teams in attendance. Seriously?