Friday, December 2, 2016

Sox-Related News Hitting Dreaded December 'Deadspot'

Usually the 'off-season' in Boston Red Sox World is a complete misnomer. There is always something to talk about regarding The Carmine Hose. Indicative of this is the fact that on our little website alone, we've averaged 127.6 postings in the month of December over the last five years. And yet, we are now in a dreaded 'deadspot'. The World Series is over, all the awards have been given out, and the Winter Meetings don't start until Monday. We're relegated to speculating about highly unlikely trades for pitching and ugly and/or profane Xmas sweaters. But sit tight, readers, we're about to ramp up into a flurry of activity come Monday. Said activity will take us all the way to Opening Day at Fenway Park—just a little over 122 days from today.