Friday, October 21, 2016

Scar Tissue Was Real Cause Of David Ortiz's Foot Pain

(Getty Images)
In a fascinating article by's Rob Bradford, former Red Sox coordinator of sports medicine services Dan Dyrek reveals the extent and nature of David Ortiz's foot-related injuries over the years. While it was always described as an "Achilles" issue, it was actually much more complex. Said the 63-year-old Dyrek, "The pain was at the insertion of the Achilles, but that in a sense was a secondary diagnosis. The primary problem was really the scar tissue in the joints, ligaments, capsules, muscle and even his skin affected on two different bones in the area." Ortiz's battle started in July of 2012 and the rigorous treatment routine lasted right through the 2016 season. Dyrek made it clear how difficult it was, "There was no question he was pushing. He felt an obligation to the fans. He would say, 'People come to see me play so I want to get out there and keep playing.' But eventually it took its toll. He had to have treatment essentially every day because the problems that were in there you can't resolve them 100 percent. He was never 100 percent pain-free. He had days of no pain, but over the course of every week there were always a few days he had pain." So now, in addition to having witnessed a Hall of Fame career, we now know about the hard work and pain that went into creating it.