Friday, October 21, 2016

Cubbies Should Welcome Home Scape-"Goat" Bartman

Let's see, a 3-2 NLCS series lead. Returning back to Wrigley to win just one of two games to advance to the World Series. Where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, 2003! What was that guy's name? Imagine what Steve Bartman must be thinking right now. Banished from his home town (presumably, since he's fallen off the face of the Earth), unable to attend games of his beloved team, and scorned by millions. That is the life of The Bartman. We've seen various writers call for a big "forgiveness" party if the Cubs advance to The Fall Classic. We disagree. Theo Epstein and the Cubs organization should reach out now, today to heal the Bartman rift. Give him a prominent seat in the owner's box tomorrow night. Have him throw out the first pitch—to Moises Alou, of course. Something! Give this poor dude his life back! And, all that good karma will surely propel the Cubbies to ultimate victory—ending that 108-year drought.