Friday, October 21, 2016

POLL: Most Readers Want 'Outside-The-Box' GM Choice

Continued voting shows that FenwayNation readers reject all five prominent choices for new Red Sox GM. As the chart shows, almost half of respondents (49%) want someone else other than the most-often mentioned candidates. While we made the suggestions of Jason Varitek or John Farrell for that "other" category, there's no way for us to know any other suggestions (except through the poll's 'comments' section). Among the known contenders, current Assistant GM Brian O'Halloran leads with 26%, followed by VP of Amateur Scouting Amiel Sawdaye (15%), Sr. VP of Baseball Operations Frank Wren (5%), Dir. of Professional Scouting Gus Quattlebaum (3%), and VP of International Scouting Ed Romero (2%). You can still vote in the poll HERE.