Friday, October 21, 2016

Reserve That Jersey Number Ten For Edwin Encarnación

From all accounts, Red Sox honcho Dave Dombrowski will have around $30-$40 million of John Henry's spare change to spend this Winter. Of course, Henry might decide to spend some of that on fake injury training for his foreign soccer team. Even so, let's say 'DD' has 'only' $30 million—we all know where he's going to spend most of it, right? The vast hole in the lineup created by the departure of 40-year old David Ortiz needs to be filled. The most logical candidate is soon-to-be 34-year old Edwin Encarnación. He's clearly sent signals that he wants to be here—and he worships Papi. Plus, he must salivate at the prospect of lining up The Green Monster 81 times a year. So, let's dispense with the charade and just measure Edwin for a number ten Red Sox uniform jersey (his number in The Great White North). I don't think Andover High School's Ryan Hanigan (the current #10) will mind—if he's still here on Opening Day.