Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sox Chances Should Be Good For Post-Season Berth

As it stands today, the first-place Red Sox are on pace for 91 wins. Last year's two AL Wild Card entrants didn't even crack the 90-win threshold (Evil Ones 87, Astros 86). So, even though there are about ten teams vying for just five playoff spots, Boston's chances of getting into the "tournament" (thank you, Bill Parcells) are pretty good. First, their fate is in their own hands—as they play all of their remaining 23 regular season games against AL East rivals. Similarly, the Blue Jays play 16 of their last 23 against the division, and the Orioles play 17 of 23 against the AL East. So, it's pretty much everybody playing everybody else—which should enhance our chances. And yet, there was 2011, when Boston was 85-58 on September 8th, and gagged their way to 90 wins and golf in October. Sit tight!