Thursday, September 8, 2016

PowerRankingsGuru: Sox Move Up One To Sixth Overall

This week's rankings by The Power Rankings Guru website (which tracks and averages all of the major media rankings) shows that the Red Sox have moved up one spot this week to the #6 overall position on the list. The Cubbies stay in the #1 spot, followed by the Rangers, Nationals, Indians, and Blue Jays. The Carmine Hose come in with an average score of 6.2—and were placed as low as 7th by some. The Dodgers, Orioles, Tigers and Giants round out the Top Ten after Boston. Unfortunately, The Bronx Embalmers have moved up two spots to occupy the number fifteen position. The Twinkies are still viewed as the worst overall team in baseball. You can see all the Week Twenty-Three rankings HERE.