Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Evil Ones Could Dump A-Fraud Before End Of Season

It would be an ignominious end to an ignominious career. Reports indicate that The Bronx Embalmers could release Alex Rodriguez before the end of this season. The Centaur is owed $21 million this year and next—but a release could fit the recent pattern in the Bronx of shedding superfluous baggage. Pinstriped Poser GM Brian Cashman was not exactly supportive of The Fraudulent One when asked about his fate, "The answer to that’s easy, I guess. We evaluate everything on a daily and weekly basis. We’re always trying to do the right thing. We’re always trying to do the best thing. Nothing has changed there." Uh-huh. When A-Fraud was asked about it, he stated, "I hope not. I want to play and think I can make a difference on the field and in the clubhouse." Not bloody likely! His release would be a very sweet sight for most Red Sox fans. Bye-bye!