Tuesday, July 5, 2016

World Series Home Field And The MLB All-Star Game

As we've stated many times before, the idea of awarding World Series home-field advantage in a July exhibition game is breathtakingly stupid. The notion that—say—the American League champion might get an extra Fall Classic home game because David Ortiz had one good day on July 12th is just plain dumb. Here's a far more representative way to decide the issue. We already have at least one cross-league game played every day. That's a pretty big sample size—in fact, it's 143 games so far in 2016. As it happens, the AL is—once again—whupping the NL's butt this year—winning 52% of the contests. In fact, the AL has had the clear advantage since 2004. So, there you go, whichever league wins the season-long interleague schedule gets home field advantage in the World Series. Simple. And the All-Star Game can go back to being what it should be: a pure exhibition of baseball talent.