Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Modest Proposal: Reddick And Rich Hill From The A's

Hill (L); Reddick (R)
The Oakland A's are 15.5 games out of first place in the AL West. Their October will be filled with golf gloves not batting gloves. So, Billy Beane is probably in the mood to deal—then again, when isn't he? Two guys likely to be on the move are both former Carmine HosersJosh Reddick and Rich Hill. Reddick is probably headed for free agency this offseason, so his price tag is a little lower than it would be normally. Hill is pitching great, but he's 36 years old and also headed to free agency after the season. These are two players who could help Boston immediately in LF and the rotation (freeing up Brock Holt to be 'super-sub' again as well)—and probably not cost an arm and a leg in the process. Boston has plenty of mid-level prospects that could be attractive to Oakland—and maybe even a Christian Vazquez or Blake Swihart as well. This is a do-able deal that should be made.