Friday, July 29, 2016

Red Sox Possibly 'Airmail' Their Season Into Oblivion, 2-1

(AP Photo)
Dante Alighieri, if he were alive today, would feel compelled to construct another Circle of Hell just for the Red Sox—call it, Fenwatticus. Early this morning (around 1:15 AM), Hanley Ramirez sailed a ninth-inning throw over the head of Sandy Leon—allowing the winning runs to score in a brutal 2-1 loss in Anaheim. There is so much bad stuff to talk about in this one, we won't even bother referring to the reverse karmic forces that brought Daniel Nava to the plate for that final play. To those millennials out there—this is how it was before 2004. The pain of this one was magnified a thousand times by the fact that David Price pitched what was perhaps his best game in Carmine Hose. The lefty went eight shutout innings—scattering seven hits, walking only one and striking out six. It was the performance we had been expecting all year—and it was tossed down the drain. Brad Ziegler was the pitching culprit in the ninth—and by the end of it all he had that Calvin Schiraldi look in his eyes. Forget it, we can't discuss this anymore—we need a drink.