Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hellickson May Be 'Compromise' Starting Pitching Target

(USAToday Sports Photo)
As the protracted trade deadline drama plays itself out, it's becoming more and more clear that the Red Sox will not get an elite starting pitcher through this process. The price in prospects would be way too high to fetch a Jose Fernandez or a Chris Sale. And, even pitchers a few notches below those guys—like Julio Teheran—are still too costly in young talent. Moreover, 'bargain' guys like Drew Pomeranz are now being sought after by as many as ten teams. So, the conundrum for Dave Dombrowski is how to get a guy that can actually help at a reasonable price. Enter, one Jeremy Helllickson. As the days pass, the 29-year old righty gets mentioned more frequently in trade rumors to Boston. And with good reason. First, the Phillies stink and are going nowhere this year. Second, since Hellickson is making "only" $7 million this year and is a free agent come November, his cost in prospects is likely less than some others. Third, he can probably help the Sox rotation—with a career ERA under four (3.94—3.92 this season). He also gives up fewer hits than innings pitched—which (in our view) is the true mark of a decent starter. All things considered, it might just be the right move.