Thursday, July 14, 2016

Red Sox Are Close To Signing Top Pick Jason Groome

Multiple reports now indicate that the Red Sox are very close to signing a deal with LHP Jason Groome—their top 2016 pick (#12 overall in the MLB Draft). Reportedly, Groome is in Boston to take a physical exam—and a final resolution of his bonus deal will be consummated after that. There was much speculation as to whether the Red Sox would have enough bonus pool money to sign Groome and their other top picks. But, that hurdle seems to have been overcome. Before the draft, multiple pundit sites has listed Groome in their top five ( even had him listed as #1 overall), but his status fell after a weird school transfer fiasco. The 6'6", 220-pound high-schooler would be a major steal for Boston if he does in fact come to terms with the ballclub. Stay tuned!