Thursday, June 2, 2016

Kelly's Demotion To AAA May Put Buchholz In Rotation

(Getty Images)
After last night's disastrous outing, Joe Kelly was immediately demoted to AAA Pawtucket. If you recall, when this happened last year, he came back to Boston a much more effective pitcher in September. Obviously, the Red Sox are hoping for the same process to take place this year. The ugly under-belly of the demotion is the likelihood that Clay Buchholz will be re-inserted into the starting rotation. David Price, Steven Wright, Rick Porcello and Eduardo Rodriguez are pretty much locked in now—so a fifth spot becomes open. Unfortunately, Buchholz pitched lousily is relief last night, so it does not appear that he's "worked things out" quite yet. Again, the glaring need to trade for another quality starter is all the more obvious this morning. When you score nine runs, you should win a game—period.