Friday, May 6, 2016

Mea 'Kulpa': Umpire Hands Empire Tainted Win Over Sox

(Getty Images)
If Major League Baseball really is carefully evaluating umpires, Ron Kulpa had better start looking for a new line of work. Tonight's home-plate umpire in the Red Sox-Yankee game was so bad, that both sides were squawking at a strike zone as wide as the Panama Canal Zone. With the bases loaded and the Red Sox trailing 3-2 in the ninth, Kulpa called strikes on what were two clear ball fours on David Ortiz—sending him into a fury. Protecting his DH, Manager John Farrell got tossed. Papi also got tossed and Hanley Ramirez struck out to end the game, with Boston losing, 3-2. Game. Set. Match—crappy umpiring. The Sox squandered multiple opportunities all night—so they somewhat deserved to lose—but not like this. Commissioner Rob Manfred has got to fire this completely incompetent umpire.