Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jon Lester Remains A Class Act In David Price Dealings

Lester; Price
When David Price signed with the Red Sox, he sought advice from some of his peers—one of which was former Carmine Hoser Jon Lester. You might think that Lester would harbor some ill feeling toward Price—who got a crap load more money from John Henry than he was offered. But, according to The Boston Globe's Alex Speier, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, here's what Price said about it, "He was extremely happy for me. He said, ‘If you need anything in the city, if you need help with anything, I know a lot of people out there.’ That was extremely nice of him. It was something he didn’t have to do. He could have simply said congratulations and left it at that, but he lent a helping hand. I was very appreciative." Other sources indicate that Lester has no beef with the Red Sox brass either. In fact, he regularly talks with manager John Farrell—a mentor and friend for years. The bottom line is that—no matter what laundry he's wearing—Lester remains a class act through and through.