Thursday, March 3, 2016

COMCAST To Empire Fans: 'No Yankee Games For You!"

The long-simmering dispute between COMCAST and the YES Network is once again impacting actual Yankee games (albeit Spring Training ones). With no resolution in sight for the regular season, Wednesday's first Yankee telecast was unavailable to regional COMCAST subscribers. The impasse effects 900,000 COMCAST customers who live in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Big deal, right? Who really cares about fans of The Bronx Embalmers in those loathsome states (except parts of Pennsylvania and Connecticut which are OK). But wait! Your trusty regional sports 'network'—NESN—may someday be in a similar brawl with a cable company. So, don't display too much schadenfreude! Nah, that's OK, go ahead and gloat.